USTS 2015 Program

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Tuesday, 24 November

11:45-12:00Opening remarks and welcome
Session Tu1Chairperson: Luis Roso


Wendell Hill (Plenary talk) Ultrafast lasers: a tool for exploring uncharted territory and revealing fundamental knowledge
Session Tu2Chairperson: Wendell Hill


Alicia Palacios Decoding attosecond electron-nuclear dynamics using xuv-ir and xuv-xuv pump-probe techniques


Luis Plaja The bright side of phase mismatch: macroscopic control of harmonic emission and attosecond pulse generation
Session Tu3Chairpersons: Rebeca de Nalda and Javier Solís
15:15-16:15Oral Posters (*)


Poster session with coffee and refreshments


 GELUR Meeting

20:30-22:30Social Program. Dinner (restaurant to be announced)

(*) Oral Posters

15:15-15:20Pedro Velarde Emission spectra from X Ray laser produced plasmas
15:20-15:25Carlos Hernández García Generation of circularly polarized isolated attosecond pulses
15:25-15:30Francisco Valle Laser based X-ray source at the Pulsed Lasers Center (CLPU)


J. Luis Pérez Lustres The ingredients of ultrafast Bilirubin deactivation: dark states and two-photon processes


Maria Eugenia Corrales A velocity map imaging and theoretical study of the femtosecond Coulomb explosion of CH3I
15:40-15:45Niek van Hulst Femtosecond dynamics at the nanoscale; talking to anntena complexes one-by-one


Nicolo Accanto Phase control of femtosecond pulses on the nanoscale using SHG nanoparticles and plasmonic nanoantennas


Miguel Martínez Calderón Hierarchical structures fabricated by combining surface microstructures and LIPSS on AISI304 with a study of the wettability properties


Vera Giulia Sala Light-control of the ultrafast demagnetization pathway in an antiferromagnetic insulator
16.00-16:05Rosa Weigand Studying plasmonic excitations in nanostructures with the dscan technique
16:05-16:10Íñigo Sola Larrañaga Procedure to archieve pulse self-compression on gas filled hollow core fibres
16.10-16:15Carlos Zaldo Tailoring of lanthanide optical bandwidths in sigle crystals for sub 100 fs laser pulses


Wednesday, 25 November

Session We1Chairperson: Luis Bañares


Helen Fielding (Plenary talk) Shedding new light on photochemistry: from biological chromophores to photoactive proteins
10:20-10:45Coffee break
Session We2Chairperson: Helen Fielding


Raúl Montero The early times after the photoexcitation of biomolecules: from gas phase to solution


Abderrazak Douhal Femtosecond Observation of NR Interacting with Regular MCM41 and its Metal-Doped Derivatives
11:45-12:15Rosario González Non-adiabatic effects in laser orientation and alignment of molecules
Session We3Chairperson: Rosa Weigand
12.15-12:45Miguel Vicente Andrés Fiber lasers and nonlinear light sources based on photonic crystal fibers
12:45-13:15Marta Castillejo Non-linear optics in ultrafast laser ablation plasmas
Session We4Chairperson: Simon Wall
14:45-15:15Luis Viña Logical gates with polariton condesates in semiconductor microcavities
15:15-15:45Gladys Mínguez High-quality "green" nanoparticles via femtosecond laser ablation in liquid
Session We5Chairperson: Margarita Martín


Antonio Rivera Femtosecond laser irradiation induced-high electronic excitation in insulators studied with the aid of a quantum-kinetic model based on the Boltzmann equation


Jan Siegel Femtosecond microscopy: Visualizing ablation dynamics and non-linear propagation of light in dielectrics


Daniel JaqueFabrication and structural imaging of ultrafast laser inscribed photonics structures in laser media
17:15-17:30Final remarks and end of meeting